Nikki Haley is trying to conceal that she is...


  • Haley in 2012 said, “The reason I actually ran for office is because of Hillary Clinton.”


  • Haley opposed a wall on the southern border. She said, “Don’t say you’re just going to build a wall, because a wall’s not going to do it.”
  • Haley supported then-President Trump’s push to extend DACA amnesty in 2019
  • Haley said that birthright citizenship – automatically granting U.S. citizenship to the children of illegal aliens – “has served our country very well and should continue.”
  • Haley wants Republicans to “get in the room” to compromise with Democrats on immigration
  • Haley believes mass immigration is “what makes us great”
  • Haley supports massively expanding legal immigration because — in her view — “we need as many immigrants as we can [get]”
  • Haley believes big corporations should be allowed to import all the foreign workers they say they “need”, which would lead to more unemployment and lower wages for Americans. In other words, she wants her corporate donors – not American voters – to dictate our country’s immigration policies.
  • Haley admitted she supports importing more workers because politicians should “do what [corporations] need”


  • 2007: Haley attended the World Economic Forum conference in Dalian, China — and left feeling “proud of the policy and economic development lessons and information gained" at the event, which featured a top CCP official as the keynote.
  • 2012: As governor, Haley explained that she was courting Chinese investment in South Carolina because of her view that Chinese workers are more dedicated than Americans and can remind us to work harder. Haley stated that Chinese workers "work with passion and urgency - like there is no time to waste." She claimed this "passion" for work used to be alive in the US. "And we're saying: let's get that passion again. And that's why I think the Chinese investments are good for us,” Haley continued. “Because it reminds us of what this energy feels like. They [the Chinese] can remind us that we need to focus on that again."
  • Haley had nothing to say about the Chinese Communist Party’s use of slave labor, nor the deplorable working conditions and pitiful wages that are normal in China.
  • 2013: As governor, Haley welcomed a $218 million investment in the Palmetto State by a Chinese textile company located in Hangzhou, China.
  • 2014: Haley wrote a letter in opposition to U.S. tariffs on Chinese-produced tires — claiming tariffs would “inequitably” affect a company in her state that was importing Chinese tires.
  • 2015: During Haley’s tenure as governor of South Carolina, the state operated a trade office in China.
  • 2015: Haley warmly greeted a gathering of Chinese manufacturers, promising them her support to do whatever it takes for them to move to South Carolina.
  • 2015: Haley welcomed a $72 million investment by a Chinese appliance manufacturer.
  • 2016: Haley celebrated her recruitment of a CCP-owned fiberglass company as a “huge win.”
  • The state gave this Chinese company 200 acres of free land near a military base — something Haley conveniently left out of her recent defense of this ordeal.
  • As a result of Haley’s coziness toward communist China — which then-governor Haley hailed as a “friend” in a 2014 letter — Chinese capital investment in South Carolina doubled during her tenure, while companies tied to the CCP received 1,500 acres of land.


  • In 2016, as governor of South Carolina, Haley opposed a bill to keep boys out of girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. She said it was not “necessary.”
  • Just last year, Haley was bragging about stopping the bill.


  • Haley said the government should not ban child mutilation surgeries.


  • As U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., Haley said it’s in the U.S.’s best interest for American taxpayers to subsidize aid to Gaza.
  • Haley also argued there is “good that comes out” of giving US taxpayer dollars to Gaza and that America should fund education for Palestinians in Gaza, including to UNRWA. She added that “you do see value in it.”
  • Haley declined to state her position on legislation to cut US assistance to Palestinian leadership until they stop providing financial incentives for terrorism.
  • Haley also expressed support for resettling Gaza refugees in American communities, claiming “you can separate civilians from terrorists. And that's what we have to do.” Why would she talk about vetting Gaza refugees unless she wants to import them?


  • Recently, Haley vowed that if she is elected, one of her first actions as president would be to force "every person on social media" to be "verified by their name."
  • Haley stated that allowing people to post on social media anonymously is a "national security threat". This is unconstitutional, as the First Amendment protects Americans’ right to speak anonymously.
  • In a separate interview, Haley repeated her plan for federal government censorship, saying: “I want everybody’s names.”
  • Haley’s proposal for the government to “verify” all social media users is a copy of the Chinese Communist Party’s authoritarian censorship policy.


  • Haley claims she is pro-life, but she railed against Alabama Senator Tommy Tuberville’s move to rip the Pentagon out of the abortion business, calling it “shameful.”


  • In the legislature, Haley voted to raise the state sales tax by 2 percent.
  • As governor, Haley signed into law a number of bills that expanded, extended, or allowed for local fee and tax hikes.
  • In January 2016, then Gov. Haley unveiled her budget proposal which included the gas tax hike.


  • After the death of George Floyd, Haley sided with BLM rioters when she demanded that Summer 2020 be “personal and painful for everyone.” She got what she asked for: Rioters, looters, and arsonists around the country caused billions in damage and harmed innocent people who had nothing to do with Floyd’s death.


  • When Disney boasted about a "not-so-secret gay agenda” and injecting “queerness” into children’s content, Haley did not criticize Disney’s woke executives. Instead, she said she would be “happy” to welcome Disney to South Carolina after Florida removed the corporation’s special privileges.
  • As a state legislator, Nikki Haley supported a corporate welfare package for Boeing valued at $900 million in order to lure the company to Charleston with taxpayer dollars.
  • Two years later, Boeing was one of the largest corporate donors to Nikki Haley’s inauguration committee.
  • As Governor, Nikki Haley signed legislation that gave subsidies worth about $120 million to Boeing. 
  • Boeing appointed Haley to its board in 2019. She stepped down in 2020, after collecting over $300,000 in cash and stock.
  • As governor of South Carolina, Haley welcomed China-based companies to the state with open arms. One owner of a Chinese business that Haley welcomed to South Carolina specifically thanked “the good support provided by both county and state governments.”

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